A new Google Pay button introduced

Google Pay.png

Key Highlights-

  • A new Google Pay button on the checkouts, commenced recently.
  • It allows you to pay using your Mastercards, Visa and more.
  • It enables you to make payments easily and quickly.

A new Google Pay button has been introduced to the checkout pages to ease your checkout process and to increase click-through rates.

The button featured on the checkout zone reads as “Buy with G Pay.” This button emerges on the left side and is followed by the payment system such as Mastercard, Visa, and so on, including the last four digits of your card.

The button primarily makes use of the basic information, loading your card details a little later. This feature can be observed only when you have built up an eligible payment process in your Google account during your previous purchase.

The card’s details to be viewed along with the last four digits of your card number will let the user use the exact saved card details to make their payment method easier and swift during the checkout process.

The Google pay button, featured at the checkout page, shows the card details, which with the 30% surety makes the user click the available option, thus increasing conversions by 3.6%.

The card information can be enabled using the following steps:

  • You can update your Google Pay button automatically by using Create Button API with default button options.
  • You can customize the create Button API and set button Type to plain or short. You can set it to buy to make your Google Pay button show the user’s card details.

This update has enabled the straightforward approach for the users to make payments for their purchases without having to go through any further hitches and glitches. Your shopping and payment is just a fingertip away, with the security as the top priority. It’s an advantageous deal one can undoubtedly invest their time and finances.