Apple boosts up search on app store

Apple App store.png

Apple has equipped its app store with the addition of a new search feature accessible in the regions of the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK. This feature will make it easier for Apple users to search any app. The word prediction feature in the app store will reflect words possibilities you may be looking for, dropping down a list of apps on tapping the related word.

Some of the iPhones have previously witnessed the search suggestions earlier in April. The feature has now been dispensed into all the iPhones active in the countries mentioned above.

The search suggestions feature is an easy method and similar to the Android play store or Google searches. All you need to do is start typing the letters of the apps you are looking for, and you will get to see some predictions you possibly may be searching. On selecting one of the predicted words, a list of apps appears before you that are related to your app search. You can tap on one of them to check the details before downloading them.

The feature may have refined, but there are still few searches that may not yield a required result. You can wait for them to be updated by the developers.

According to some users, the recent searches time and again lead you to ads, the feature included in the app store in 2016.

The spinning off of a new trend out of the current does show some discrepancies, the ads, in this case. Overall, there is some convenience to be seen when you don’t have to type the entire thing down with your search progressions. The predictions or suggestions certainly ease down any extra effort you would make otherwise.

The feature may be limited to some areas at present but may see an expansion sooner or later this year.